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In Thailand, I got to use the ATM for the first time in 1995. At that time, there were no ATM in India. Soon, I understood how to withdraw money and was comfortable in the same. One day, after a very busy day in office, I went to the ATM to withdraw money and by mistake punched in 10000 Bahts instead of 1000 Bahts. So, I had far too much cash in hand and did not feel safe about it. I wanted to put back 9000 Bahts and was struggling with the ATM about how to carry out the same. Seeing me struggle, a Thai approached me at the ATM. He spoke very little English and I was not sure how much English he understood. As he wanted to help, I tried my best to explain to him that I wanted to deposit 9000 Bahts. He said, no problem. He asked me to insert my card and key in the PIN. I did so and then he took over. He did something and withdrew another 9000 Bahts and gave it to me.

Nice ATM


    1. That is nice Tridibesh. However, it was not a good option for me. As I had to go all the way to Silom or to Jatuchak to deposit the money in Bangkok Bank. Traveling by taxi was not a hassle. However, it was a big pressure on the time required due to the jams in Bangkok. And during my stay at TAC, I really had no time till the system went live. I did not even tend to wife who was carrying during that period.

      I eventually took the help of Khun Nok, who was the Manager of our Apartment, to teach me how to deposit money using the ATM.


    1. Dear Sukamal,

      As far as I can remember, I did not say anything possibly. I must have definitely thanked him as I usually do so. I was just too stunned. I remember that I divided the amount in smaller sets and stuffed them in different parts of the garments. In those days, my shirts and trousers used to have a “Chor Pocket”, which was supposed to be an insurance against potential pick-pockets.


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