All-In-One SDLC

All-In-One Software Development Life Cycle
All-In-One Software Development Life Cycle

I am experimenting with this Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in our organisation. Our need is for following process which catering to our “Shot Gun” strategy. This year we have to churn out about 4 projects per day at an average.

We have our challenges in enforcing processes. However, we realise at the same time that we cannot do without having some method in the madness. Is this typical in all Telecom Operator Organisations?


    1. Dear Karim,

      In a Telecom Operations, the ratio of personnel in Quality Assurance needs matching the people in the IT Development Section or being more than the people in the IT Development Section. This is because in a Telecom Operations, we generally deal with bought out products from the product vendors and/or solution providers. Ideally, 60-80% of the work of IT Development should be configuring the bought out products. Only then a Telecom Operator can attain the needed velocity for launching products in the market rapidly. So, the converse of the statement is that major work of an IT Department in a Telecom Operation is testing the developed products so that they do not bounce when launched in the market. So, IT Quality Assurance Role ratio is justified.

      However, the Quality Assurance roles could be conducted by the IT Development Sections also. They could either have dedicated teams or conduct these activities through peer-to-peer reviews.


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