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I just about published my first book. As on date the book is available through Amazon. We are planning the launch of the book in a few cities. This will be a new adventure.

I got the idea for writing this book after attending a course on Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology through This book is a tribute to the Professor who taught the subject so beautifully. Regret I could not complete the course. I will undergo it once it is offered once again.

Partridge has been kind in accepting my request for publishing the book.

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An excerpt from Chapter 1 is provided below.


The first trace of Homo Sapiens are supposed to have been found in the Southern Africa around 100,000 to 150,000 years ago. The earliest Homo Sapiens were as good (or as bad) as any other animal on the planet Earth. To survive on Earth, the Homo Sapiens needed food, just like any other animal. From this point in the book, we will refer to “Homo Sapiens” as “Man”. The word “Man” refers to both “Man” and “Woman” of the specie Homo Sapiens. Also, the pronoun “He” and/or “Him” is used to represent “Man”. This is just for the convenience of the narration and has no other purpose.

For food, Man found 2 sources. One, he could gather food from plants which he found tasty enough to eat without falling ill. Two, he could hunt animals. Man soon found that he needed both sources of food for primarily 2 reasons. One, plants did not produce food throughput the year and/or animals could not be hunted all the time. Two, there was need for variety of the food; and thus mixing between food from plants and food from animals provided the needed variety.

Food from plants needed gathering the food. This was possible for both the Man and the Woman. Both Man and Woman could acquire the needed skills for the same.

Hunting animals required strength and stamina. Man found that it made more sense to hunt large animals; rather than small animals. This was because if one large animal could be hunted, it could provide him food for a few days. This meant no need for hunting till the food lasted.

However, hunting large animals was difficult as the large animals generally ran faster than Man. Also, these animals would become wary of the Man when he approached the animals and would flee. Man soon found that the animals definitely ran faster than him; but Man could run longer without getting tired in comparison to the animals.

Man also realised that if he could hit the animal from a distance, then the chance of the kill was better as the animal would have less chance of being wary of his presence. So, Man developed the spear with a stone at the head and a stick to hold the stone. Man would throw the spear at the animal and the animal would either die or the animal would be wounded by the hit.

So, Man made a plan. He would chase the animals till the animal was tired. At that point, Man would kill the animal by throwing the spear at the animal. If the animal died from the hit of the spear, the job was done. If the animal was wounded from the hit, Man could either hit the animal with another spear or could fight the animal with his hands till the animal died.

Man found that this task was less possible for Woman and thus the onus of hunting was borne by the Man.

Still there was risk. The animals were generally stronger than Man. So, hunting an animal alone was risky. This risk could be reduced if a few Men could hunt together.

So, a group of Men got into an understanding that they would hunt together. This would reduce the risk from hunting large animals. At the same time, this had a better chance for gathering enough food and for getting enough time for relaxation. The Women would gather food from plants. All the people would share all the food.

As I am not aware of the language these people spoke, I cannot state what is the exact word they used to describe this formation. However, I can guess that they would have called this formation something like what we call “tribe” in the modern days.

These tribes could be referred to as the first form of “society” of Human Beings.

With this design, the “Hunter Gatherer” was born. Of course, there were many more elements in the design. We just focus on the food aspect.

Primitive Man
Image of Primitive Man purchased from 123RF.

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