I just realised after 45 years of existence on Mother Earth and after 24+ years in the Industry that being a Consultant is no matter of joke. I fully understand that I just had the title of a Consultant, given by the Companies I worked in, without fully realising the responsibilities. I still have a chance.

The same happened with me when I realised that I was never really a Project Manager, though I signed documents as Project Manager. I realised that for being a Project Manager, one needs having control over 3 M’s – Man, Material and Money. Initially, I was given some control over Man in the sense that I did the appraisal of my team members. I had no control over Material or Money. Much later, I was given some control over Material and still only appraisal rights over Man. I never had control over Money through I was judged on the profitability of the projects I managed. Is it worth being such a Project Manager?



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