Life Story


I have been going for Morning Walk almost every morning for the past 2 months. I took this measure after I found that my random Blood Sugar count was 354.

One fellow was appreciating me that I go for Morning Walk. So, having got pumped up, I told him the real story.

I get dressed to go the walk with full track suit and shoes. Then I put on my headphone and switch on the music on my iPhone. Then, I reach for my Cigar drawer and take out one Quintero. I light it.

Then, I lock my door and come out of the Hotel and start walking.

I keep smoking my Quintero and walking listening to music. I walk for about 2 KM to reach a Tea shop. I buy one cup of Tea for SAR 1. I have the Tea and start walking back to the Hotel for another 2 KM.

The timing is such that my Quintero finishes just when I am about to reach my Hotel.

So, the distance I walk is ONE QUINTERO.

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