Getting Started with Data Sciences




In the age of Data Revolution and rapid technological advancement, do not be left behind. Data Sciences has come to the fore as a must have knowledge whether you are a Businessman wanting to invest in new Products and Services OR whether you are working on any particular domain. With so much data available from almost any kind of device we use in our daily lives, the application of Data Sciences is growing at an exponential pace.

This course provides an introduction to Data Sciences. The goal of this short course is to expose as many areas of Data Sciences as possible within 1 hour. Once you are aware of these topics, you can study further any specific topic or all of the topics.

Who should take this Course?

The course is designed for CxO and other Decision Makers who want to invest their money in taking advantage of this Data Revolution. This course is also meant for Students, Researchers and almost everyone from any work of life so that they are able to understand what is the upcoming world going to be.

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