My experience in setting up a Greenfield

I started a Company in India from Bangalore in 2014. We started off well. However, soon we could not get any new orders. In 2016, I set up an Indian […]

mcTaxer Demonstration

mcTaxer is the Generic Tax Module from MC. It is applied in all products from MC requiring Tax Computation. The Configurator has been upgraded using Angular 6 and Node JS 10. It has been tested with Oracle 12g, Tibero 6 and DB2. Earlier version was developed using Oracle APEX and needed Oracle RDBMS.

Bill Generation using Integer Optimisation

Linear Programming is a powerful method for finding optimised solutions. It is intricately complex and needs specialised study. However, simple and everyday use tools like Microsoft Excel can be used to solve reasonably complex Integer Optimisation problems. Below is an illustration. For purpose of illustration, the problem has been simplified and […]

When I was on TV

Bhutan Telecom was one of our customers and I was Project Manager for all projects to Bhutan Telecom (besides for 7 more customers). We provided all solutions required for running the IT Operations of Bhutan Telecom. During this process, I constantly studied Bhutan Telecom needs and suggested products and/or features […]

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